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Fishing logs, GPS map, and journals for your computer and Palm PC.

We have one of the largest selections of downloads for bass fishing software. Here you will find numerous tools and software that will help you catch more fish.

Fishing Expert Software

Fishing Expert 4.0a by Strat-Tech, Inc.

Fishing Expert 4.0a is your personal fishing consultant. This large database fishing software application allows you to enter in many details about the where's and when's of your fishing day and it will give you over 400 proven tactics to catch more fish given your input. A great little download to help anglers.

PROS: If you're new to fishing, you will find much useful information regarding pattern fishing and applying new knowledge to seasonal fish migrations.

CONS: I think it would be great if Strat-Tech could incorporate their program with other useful applications. But for what this software is meant to do, it does it well.

Fishing Calendar

Fishing Calendar by

Every serious bass fisherman (especially big bass chasers), knows how important the moon phase is in catching fish. Well this bass fishing software tells you exactly what moon phase each day is and gives you all the important information you need to make wise choices on the water!

PROS: Very well thought out and provides detailed information. Easy to navigate and very intuitive. Very well designed.

CONS: None. It does exactly what it says.

Fishing Log Pro

Fishing Log PRO by

An absolute must download! This do-it-all fishing log is your portal to full understanding of what you catch, when, how and why. Fully record everything about your catch and even enter in your photos. Beautiful graphs and diagrams are created on the fly using your submitted data. IMPRESSIVE!

PROS: This thing does it all. What a delight to use and the best thing of all... It will put more fish in the boat!

CONS: If I wrote something here I would be lying.

Database Fishing Tool

Database Fishing Tool by SourceForge.Net

Warning: This is not for the average Joe Computer. This database application will record fishing data using an OBDC driver (a term only geeks understand). Designed by the popular people at SourceForge, a very well-known scripting agency. I've never used this, but it looks cool nonetheless. I'm sure someone will find it very useful.

PROS: Looks really cool.

CONS: I have no idea how to use it... hahaha.

Fly Fishing Journal

Fly Fishing Journal by BMS Software Solutions

This is for PALM Handheld Computers. This neat download allows fly-fisherman to track and log their fishing outings with all the important information to help you build a fishing strategy. Check out their website if you are interested in other PALM handheld fishing software.

PROS: Fishing software for handheld computers... now that's cool.

CONS: Unfortunately I don't own a handheld, as with 95% of the fishing population. One day maybe.

My Fishing Log

My Fishing Log by Gold Bass Productions

This ramped up version of My Fishing Log (above) has many advanced features including customizable input fields and forms for your fishing log, as well as a nice graphical interface that looks like a sonar unit. Very fun to use and also has database backup capability for peace of mind.

PROS: I love the drop-down menus for quick selections and the customizable input fields. The interface is great and the database is quick to retrieve data.

CONS: I'm not too big on a lot of the sounds associated with this program, but it's easy enough to just turn the volume down.

Fishing Notebook

Fishing Notebook by Gold Bass Productions

Gold Bass Productions has developed a stripped down version of it's My Fishing Log and recently released Fishing Notebook as it's economy priced logbook. No shortage of features here. Everything a fisherman needs to log his catch and save it in a database.

PROS: Intuitive and user friendly. For $15 bucks you just can't beat that price.

CONS: Might as well split the extra buck for the upgraded versions.

Bass Tournament Log

Bass Tournament Log by Gold Bass Productions

This neat little fishing software application allows tournament anglers and club fisherman to record their tournament schedules and print them out. Also, log your fish catches and your point standings. Very useful for avid bass tourney anglers.

PROS: Great concept and easy to use interface. Makes tournament and points tracking easy.

CONS: An auto-fill capability would be great when filling out often repetitive fields.

Bass Tournament Log XG

Bass Tournament Log XG by Gold Bass Productions

This enhanced version of Bass Tournament Log brings an entire new set of features including equipment logs, membership recording, the ability to email fishing partners. This download also sports a nice graphical interface to wow the users.

PROS: I really like the recording capabilities and the full featured print-outs. Comes in handy when you run a bass club and need to make a copy of all the details for everyone.

CONS: No cons, just pros.

The Fishing Guide

The Fishing Guide by Gold Bass Productions

If you're a professional bass fishing guide, you know how hard it can be to stay organized and keep a good date book for your fishing trips. Well here is the latest answer for organization from the Gold Bass Team. Record all your outings and details with this download and with the click of a mouse.

PROS: An absolute must to keep things organized and keep records ready for quick retrieval. An indispensable tool.

CONS: A lot of the fields aren't needed, but I'm sure someone will use them all.

Bass Club Organizer

Bass Club Organizer by Gold Bass Productions

Organize all the details of your local bass club with this handy fishing software organizer. Many features that will help management of your bass club.

PROS: This is such a nice piece of software to have for any bass club president.

CONS: A bit dated but does the trick.

UglyBass Utilities

UglyBass Utilities by BirdSoft

This fishing software application allows fishermen to load topographic maps of their favorite fishing spots and place markings on them. Do distance measuring, coordinate plotting, way-point designations, and much more. Even includes a fish weight calculator.

PROS: An inexpensive substitute for the often pricey software applications provided by Lowrance, Raymarine, Garmin, etc.

CONS: Does what it says, can't complain.

Fishinsight Software

FishInSight by FishInSight

A work of art. If you need a fishing log, whether you do bass fishing, big game fishing, offshore fishing, or inshore fishing, this fishing log will allow you to record and retrieve all the most important information for your trip. A must download.

PROS: An incredible fishing log. The moon phase calendar is great and you get customized tide tables depending on where you fish till 2037.

CONS: Not one complaint about this download.

Moon Phase Oracle

Moon Phase Oracle by HAL Computing

No longer do you need a degree in astronomy to get the edge on your fishing trip. Moon Phase Oracle combines all the details on moon phases that an angler would ever need to make good decisions on outings and fish movement. This neat download is a must for the starting fisherman who wants to give solunar tables a try.

PROS: Impressive amount of statistics and information. Easy to use and fast. Turn-key software.

CONS: Not as fancy as a lot of other applications, but it's functionality far outweighs the competition.