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Deep Sea and Offshore Fishing Games For Online Download.

Here is a collection of deep sea fishing games for the online angling enthusiast. Download these saltwater games to your computer or PC and start fishing today. We have titles that are shark fishing games that allow you to go after jaws from the comfort of your own chair. Carp are freshwater fish, so if you're looking for carp fishing games check the Bass Fishing Games Section and you'll find carp there. These titles are strictly for those anglers looking for the big catch.

Deep Sea Fishing Game

Virtual Deep Sea Fishing by Interplay

If big-game fishing is your type of fishin', then give Virtual Deep Sea Fishing a try. Catch everything from big marlin to monster mackeral. Watch out for the dreaded sting-ray and don't forget to take your Dramamine.

PROS: You never know what you could catch out in the ocean. Great sound-effects and controls are easy to use.

CONS: Graphics leave a little to be desired, however the game is fun and that's all that really matters.

Fishing Trip Screenview

Fishing Trip by Double

This saltwater fishing game lets you fish for a multitude of species in an animation format! Catch lunkers to upgrade your equipment and gain points. A very addicting game that can entertain for hours.

PROS: Relaxing to play. They play tranquil music in the background.

CONS: Simple, but great for kids.