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Fishing Screensavers

Download the most popular bass screensavers for your computer.

These bass fishing screen savers are very easy to install. Simply download to your computer and double click on the file.

Caption It! Screensaver

Kevin's Caption It! Fishing Screensaver by BassFishin.Com

Probably the most well-known fishing screensaver on the internet. Kevin's Caption It! Screensaver features the winning cartoons and captions supplied by the visitors of BassFishin.Com for winning prizes. Each cartoon is hilarious and it rotates through the many cartoons he has featured in the past years. Download the full screensaver depending on your screen resolution. Priceless!

PROS: Extremely funny and easy to install.

CONS: None!

Super Bass Fishing Screensaver

Super Bass Fishing Screensaver by JGOware

This screensaver sports an assortment of bass fishing scenes. Rotating every few moments to unveil a different facade of our sweet sport of bass fishing.

PROS: Easy to install and clear crisp graphics.

CONS: A lot of the images look alike. Would like to see more dynamic photos.

Moving Images Bass Fishing Screensaver

Moving Images Bass Fishing Screensaver 1.0 by JGOware

An enhanced version of JGOware's Super Bass Fishing Screensaver, featuring many new photo editions a new format for screensaver. Check it out.

PROS: Good collection of bass fishing scenes.

CONS: None.

The American Outdoorsman Pure Fishing Screensaver

The American Outdoorsman Pure Fishing Screensaver by CVP

This fishing screensaver features 40 images from the popular "The American Outdoorsman" TV show. Not sure if I have seen this show or not, but this outdoors screensaver is cool.

PROS: Decent screensaver.

CONS: What could I possibly complain about for a fishing screensaver?